How You Can Help

Contribute To ‘Traffic In Our Streets’. As we conduct our research we will be writing and publishing articles, keeping our blog up to date, and documenting what we see through photography and film. This all takes time and as you all well know, the U.S. is not an inexpensive place to live in, or travel through. This is where you come in! We would not be able to do this project without the help of our community. Large or small, your donations will assist us in fully documenting this grave human rights violation and spread awareness of the issue as we make our way across the country. We are working under the aegis of a registered non-profit 501(c)3: 37-1559777 (ID # 31361) based in Boston, Massachusetts called Minga, which is dedicated to ending human trafficking in the sex trade through harnessing the power of teens. This means that all of your donations to our research project are tax-deductible. I wish to thank you in advance for making this project possible, and for any resources with which you might be able to provide us. If you are interested in donating then please visit our ‘Contribute To Our Research‘ page.

Host Us As We Research Through The U.S.- For eight months we will be traveling through the U.S., beginning with Indiana, Louisiana, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee and up through most of the eastern seaboard. In each location, in order to cut down on travel costs, we plan to stay with friends and family. Unfortunately we do not have contacts in every location we will visit to conduct research, which is where your help comes in. If you, or someone you know lives in any of these locations and would be willing to host two female researchers then please Contact Us. We greatly appreciate any contacts you might be able to provide us with.

Spread The Word. ‘Traffic In Our Streets’ is a project established to not only research human trafficking in the U.S. sex trade, but to spread awareness of this grave reality through various mediums. For many people around the world the U.S. is know as ‘the home of the free’, but unfortunately this is not the reality for hundreds of thousands of individuals who are trafficked throughout the country each year. Over 100,000 minors are trapped in the sex trade each year and more than 11,000 children are forced into the trade annually, with the average age of entry between 12-14 years old. Due to the underground nature of sex trafficking, these numbers are likely to be much higher. In order to fight sex trafficking in the U.S. it is vital for the public to understand that the terrible problem of sex trafficking happening ‘over there’ in Thailand, Cambodia, Nepal, India, Pakistan, etc. is not only ‘over there’. Wherever you may be located around the U.S., or even elsewhere in the world, these issues are in your backyard. This is what we are hoping to help people understand. If you are already aware of this, then you are a few steps ahead in understanding what our project is about. In that case, you can help to spread the word! As we update our blog along the road we hope that you will update your family, friends and colleagues on what and where the problems of sex trafficking can be found and what can be done to prevent it. Share our blog, and if you see, or read something that we have not included on our resource pages please let us know so we can share it with others.

Learn About The Problem. Visit our frequently updated pages for ‘In The Media‘ and ‘Organization and Government Efforts‘. These pages will provide you with links where you can read about human trafficking and sex trafficking cases within the U.S. and around the world, as well as see what is being done to combat the problem.

Get Involved. There are countless government and non-governmental organizations involved in combating human trafficking in the sex trade. Most of which are constantly looking for help, whether it is for full-time volunteers, event volunteers, or donors. This is your chance to get involved and help prevent sex trafficking in your community. If you are interested in finding events and organizations in your community to get involved with, but cannot find any, please contact us and we will find them for you!


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