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Do Not Forget It’s Happening Globally

Prior to my research in the U.S. much of my work had been abroad – In Israel, Northern Ireland, Lebanon, Syria and Thailand. I was always aware of international conflict and humanitarian crises around the world and have been passionate about bringing awareness of these crimes to the forefront of discussions in hopes of promoting … Continue reading

Message From a Host on the Road

Along the road we met so many incredible and inspiring people. To all of the people who opened their homes to us – we really cannot thank you enough! If it had not been for you welcoming us into your homes we would not have been able to do this work. Following our time on … Continue reading

A Field or a Social Movement?

Mona and I have officially finished our time on the road. During our last phase we were on the road through the western states (California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Montana, Washington and Oregon). The last few weeks went by faster than we imagined they would and were even more hectic than any of the previous seven months. … Continue reading

Congratulations to the PRIZM Project’s ‘Woman of the Week’!

As we approach September our travels near an end. The excitement of compiling our information slowly creeps up on us. I am anxious to begin what will be the hardest part of our research. The most difficult part will be reviewing previous interviews, reconnect with those who we visited months ago, as well as organize … Continue reading

Conference Call: Polaris Project Releases State Ratings for 2012

Yesterday we were on our way from meetings in Las Vegas, NV to Salt Lake City, UT. We had a few meetings in the morning, but were able to call into a phone conference hosted by the Polaris Project regarding the release of their 2012 state human trafficking Law ratings. You can access the ratings … Continue reading

Guest Post: Advocacy to Action

So you want to actually do something?… Learn how to effectively advocate against human trafficking by: Chelsea Banister   The word “advocate” is thrown around a lot these days to describe people engaged in a variety of activities related to numerous causes. As someone who considers herself an advocate in the fight against human trafficking, I … Continue reading

Is talk of human trafficking at the olympics just a hype?

The Olympic Sex Trafficking Myth discussion hosted by Al Jazeera. This Stream is an interesting discussion about the myth of human trafficking during the Olympics. Yes, the numbers may be sensationalized by various anti-trafficking and anti-prostitution agencies. There is not enough evidence to prove that human trafficking increases at these large sporting events, but that is not to … Continue reading

Laws to Vacate Prostitution Convictions for Human Trafficked Victims

Hawaii has just become the sixth state to pass a law which will allow victims of human trafficking to expunge their records of prostitution related offenses. The law is an attempt to support victims of sex trafficking as they attempt to re-integrate. As we all well know…employers are unlikely to higher individuals with a criminal … Continue reading

ChipIn to Help Stop the Traffic In Our Streets

<a href="” title=”ChipIn to Help Traffic In Our Streets”>ChipIn to Help Traffic In Our Streets

We have created a ChipIn page to continue raising funds in order to finish our work on the road. We have made it five months on the road and have networked and interviewed more than 100 individuals in the field of anti-human trafficking. We have learned about some incredible work in the field and have also come to identify many challenges that agencies face, yet rarely talk about when it comes to working in the anti-trafficking field. We plan to publish our work and and allow those in the field, as well as individuals just learning about the issue to read our comprehensive analysis of this issue throughout the United States. We want to finish our time on the road and our next stops are the western states. We cannot do this without your support! Please take a look at our ChipIn page and donate to our cause if you can. Anything helps!


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Follow Us On The Road

Like our Facebook page and have the chance to follow us on the road, read about our thoughts about state responses, see who we are meeting with and take a look at relevant articles regarding human trafficking cases throughout the U.S. Traffic In Our Streets is on Facebook!