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Where We Stand

16,000 miles, 20 states and five months ago, Ali and I set out to explore the issues of human trafficking throughout the United States. Our work began at the 2012 Super Bowl in Indiana, took us through the southern states, brought us up the eastern seaboard and now leads us through the midwest. We began … Continue reading

On The Move: Tennessee, Alabama and the Sunshine State

We have not had many chances to post updates about our work since we have been on the move, putting a large number of miles on our odometer. We are currently putting together information on anti-trafficking efforts we have seen in Tennessee, as well as Alabama. In Memphis we spoke with the following organizations: Operation … Continue reading

The Problems in Paradise

While my research on the issues had already provided me with a fairly comprehensive understanding of human trafficking problems in Hawaii, my visit provided me with insight into the social and economic issues in the island communities. I traveled to Hawaii with the intention of learning about the issues of human trafficking from government agencies and … Continue reading