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ChipIn to Help Stop the Traffic In Our Streets

<a href="” title=”ChipIn to Help Traffic In Our Streets”>ChipIn to Help Traffic In Our Streets

We have created a ChipIn page to continue raising funds in order to finish our work on the road. We have made it five months on the road and have networked and interviewed more than 100 individuals in the field of anti-human trafficking. We have learned about some incredible work in the field and have also come to identify many challenges that agencies face, yet rarely talk about when it comes to working in the anti-trafficking field. We plan to publish our work and and allow those in the field, as well as individuals just learning about the issue to read our comprehensive analysis of this issue throughout the United States. We want to finish our time on the road and our next stops are the western states. We cannot do this without your support! Please take a look at our ChipIn page and donate to our cause if you can. Anything helps!


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