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Where We Stand

16,000 miles, 20 states and five months ago, Ali and I set out to explore the issues of human trafficking throughout the United States. Our work began at the 2012 Super Bowl in Indiana, took us through the southern states, brought us up the eastern seaboard and now leads us through the midwest. We began … Continue reading

Our Research Methodology: Who, What and Why

We get many questions from supporters regarding our research methodology. Specifically, who we are meeting with and what it is exactly that we are looking to highlight through our research of anti-human trafficking efforts throughout the U.S. Challenges We Have Identified We recognize human trafficking to be an incredibly complex humanitarian crisis. The complexity is … Continue reading

Navigating Our Blog Site

If you are interested in participating in events, and advocating against various forms of human trafficking throughout the country, take a look at our page on ‘Opportunities To Get Involved’. If you are looking for events near you, feel free to send us an email and we will find you opportunities to participate in awareness, … Continue reading