In The Media

This page is a collection of various forms of media that bring to light human trafficking cases in the United States. The assortment of media outlets listed includes articles, films, television and books. If you have read or heard of a human trafficking case, article, documentary, Public Service Announcement (PSA), or book that you do not see on this page please leave a comment with the link and name of the piece and we will be sure to add it to our page.

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Please note that not all media links provided here represent our opinions of the situation of human trafficking in the U.S.

In The News- Articles

General U.S. Human Trafficking Articles

4/19/12 Sold for sex at a tender age- Nicholas Kristof

4/9/12 Abortion issue slows action on trafficking bill

4/3/12 Sex Trafficking and the First Amendment

3/21/12 Nicholas Kristof Sex-Trafficking Op-Ed Takes On Village Voice Media And Backpage.com

3/15/12 Human trafficking ‘a national security issue,’ Obama task force told

3/15/12 Annual Meeting of the President’s Interagency Task Force To Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons

3/11/12 Sex Trafficking Victim Shares Life Of Fear, Abuse

Child Sex Trade Conference- Fox 23 News

Enslaved in America: Sex Trafficking in the United States

Fighting sex trafficking in hotels, one room at a time

Girls For Sale! Changing The Conversation On Exploited Kids In The U.S.

Google Technology Makes Reporting Child Sexual Exploitation Easier

Human Sex Trafficking- FBI

Human Trafficking: The Myths and The Realities

Lost Boys Child Sex Trafficking Research

Nicholas Kristof- Speaks at Quinnipiac about sex trafficking domestically and abroad

9/20/11 Saving Sara: New Ways to Fight Sex Trafficking Online

Sexual Exploitation a Constant Threat for Immigrant Food Workers

Sixty-Nine Children Rescued During Operation Cross Country V

States Fail In Fight Against Sex Trafficking

TED Talks: Theresa Flores, a victim of sex trafficking in the U.S.

Village Voice Joins War Against Human Trafficking … on the Wrong Side vs. Real Men Get Their Facts Straight- Sex Trafficking- Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore (counter argument published by the Village Voice, who are also the owners of Backpage.com- a newspaper that makes money from adult adds that have been known to be a way for pimps to sell minors online)

What’s the cost of a rumor? (Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women)

Women’s Funding Network sex trafficking study is junk science

Controversy Regarding Advertisements Selling Sex on Backpage and Other Online Sites ->

4/18/12  Lawmakers call on advertisers, investors to end online child sex trafficking at Backpage

4/4/12 Google Under Scrutiny Over Sex Trafficking Ads

4/1/12 Goldman Sachs Sex Trafficking Controversy: Company Sells Stake In Village Voice Media

3/31/12 Financiers and Sex Trafficking- Nicholas D. Kristof

3/29/12 Son of “Village Voice” Co-Founder Norman Mailer Joins Sex Trafficking Protest Outside Paper’s Headquarters

1/26/12 Backpage Takes Heat, But Prostitution Ads Are Everywhere

Village Voice faces protest over Web sex trafficking ads


Alabama Sex Trafficking Victim Leads To Arrest Of Atlanta Drag Performer


2/9/06 Teen Girls’ Stories of Sex Trafficking in the U.S.


4/2/12 Lawmakers Work To Enhance Human-Trafficking Laws In Arkansas

3/19/12 Move on to combat child sex trafficking in Arkansas


4/20/12 Man Arrested For Sex Trafficking in Sacramento County

4/14/12 Evidence of sex slavery in Stanislaus County calls for action

4/11/12 San Ramon sex trafficking trial ends with guilty verdicts

4/6/12 Marchers will protest human trafficking Saturday

3/21/12 SFO launches program to battle human traffickers

3/16/12 Online Sex Trade Is Flourishing Despite Efforts to Curb It

California: No justice for trafficked children

In Oakland, Redefining Sex Trade Workers as Abuse Victims


4/11/12 Womenetics Chicago Conference Examines Link Between Human Trafficking, Corporate Transparency and Business Success


4/11/12 Fighting Sex Crimes Against Children

Hartford Advocate Exposes That Sex Ads Traffic Girls, But Keeps Profiting From Ads


3/20/12 Northern Colorado groups hope their fight against human trafficking is viral, too

3/10/12 Human trafficking bill seeks victims’ rights

3/10/12 Ranch man indicted on human-trafficking charges

Alleged Denver metro area sex ring exemplifies national trend in human trafficking- The Denver Post 

Child Sex Trafficking And Drug Dealing Ring Arrests: Colorado Attorney General John Suthers Charges 14


4/27/12 Agencies Join Forces in Crackdown on Gang Members, Human Trafficking

3/29/12 Lee Co. fugitive arrested in Texas

3/10/12 White House official: Beaches child sex trafficking charges hit close to home

3/9/12 Florida bills target human trafficking

3/8/12 Human trafficking bill clears legislature (BILL)

Airport employees being trained to intercept sex trafficking

Hawaii Man Charged With Sex Trafficking At The Super Bowl

It’s time to get educated about human trafficking

Let’s break mental, emotional chains of human trafficking

South Florida a “Perfect Storm” For Human Trafficking

South Florida Human Trafficking Victim Shares Her Story

Teen recounts horror of abduction into sex slavery

Transportation Officials In Training To Spot Sex Traffickers


3/31/12 Human Trafficking Awareness Steps Up in Roswell

3/21/12 Man sentenced to more than 17 years for trafficking 12-year-old girl for sex

3/3/11 How Buying Sex Evolved Into Helping Prostitutes: Ann Woolner

Atlanta still a hub for child prostitution

Ga. officers addressing growing human trafficking problem

Georgia Couple Pleads Guilty to Human Trafficking Charges

Georgia educators learn about human trafficking

Human trafficking…is steadily tarnishing Georgia’s reputation

Macon girl made to be sex slave

Man pimps his stepdaughter

Sold For Sex In Our Backyards

Stolen innocence: The battle against modern-day slavery in the U.S.


4/9/12 Human Trafficking Bills Break New Ground

3/15/12 Cops, Prostitutes and Pimps: Arrests Turn Up No Trafficking Victims

3/14/12 Cops, Prostitutes and Pimps: Honolulu Prostitution Arrests Declining

3/13/12 Cops, Prostitutes and Pimps: In One Year, One Pimp Arrested

Selling Sex In Honolulu: Police Focus Prostitution Arrests on Women, Not Men

Selling Sex In Honolulu: In Nine Months, Police Dept. Arrests Just One Pimp

Sex Trafficking in Paradise

Vaimili Case Exposes Ugly, Violent World of Sex Trafficking in Honolulu


5/14/12 New task force targets traffickers who force children into the sex trade

4/9/12 Chicago Muckrakers: Illinois Legislation Takes On Sex Trafficking, But Dangers Remain

4/9/12 Chicago man charged with sex-trafficking

2/29/12 Changing the Conversation About Prostitution and Sex Trafficking

314 ‘Johns’ Arrested in Sting Targeting Sex Traffickers


5/9/12 3 Sentenced After Women Forced Into Prostitution

3/31/12 Prostitution sting discovers 2 teens

3/16/12 Man arrested under tougher sex trafficking

Human Trafficking In Indiana

Stricter Sex Trafficking Laws Floated Before the Super Bowl

Super Bowl 2012: Human Trafficking Becomes Concern for Indianapolis

Super Bowl Prostitution Hoax: Indianapolis mobilizes for an epic battle with an urban legend

Panel Backs Tougher Indiana Sex-Trafficking Law

Woman Held Hostage, Forced Into Prostitution


Kentucky Conference on Human Trafficking should empower people to combat problem (find additional conference information on our ‘Opportunities To Get Involved’ Page)


La. sex trafficking targeted

Strategies to address human trafficking sought by Louisiana commission


3 now facing charges in Md. sex trafficking case


3/23/12 4 arrested under new Mass. human trafficking law

2/22/12 Want to buy sex in Massachusetts? Think again

11/21/11 Gov. Patrick signs bill against human trafficking

11/5/10 Group Works To End Human Sex Trafficking


4/16/12 Michigan must confront sex trafficking crisis, advocates say

4/11/12 Man convicted of human trafficking in Michigan is sentenced

Trio Plead Guilty In Prostitution of Two Teenage Cousins


4/11/12 Minnesota truckers join effort to stop human trafficking


12/22/11 Man, 33, admits to abusing mentally disabled ‘sex slave’ who was bound, burned and tortured on film

Columbia Woman Sentenced for Coerced Sex Trafficking of a Child


4/19/12 Marchers protest human trafficking

3/21/12 Neb. bill fights sex trafficking

Humans for Sale: Human trafficking in Lincoln, Day 1

Humans for Sale: Human trafficking in Lincoln, Day 2

Senator makes headway in state human trafficking legislation


3/18/12 Drivers help target truck stop sex traffickers

New Jersey

3/31/12 Victims of human trafficking speak about their ordeal at conference in Morris County

3/29/12 PV students discuss human trafficking

One Less Trafficking On Our Streets

The Girls Next Door

New York

4/23/12 Father and son busted on charges of running multimillion-dollar sex ring

4/1/12 Schools called hotbeds for luring young sex slaves Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/schools-called-hotbeds-luring-young-sex-slaves-article-1.1053977#ixzz1r6JbCxCa

3/20/12 Thousands of Visas for Victims of Trafficking Go Unused

New Yorkers Use Twitter to Push NYPD to Fight Sex Trafficking

North Carolina

5/12/12 Volunteers educate hotel workers on sex trafficking trade

3/5/12 Girls in Trouble: Domestic Sex Trafficking in our City

North Dakota

4/11/12 New Town man convicted by federal jury of trafficking, sexual abuse, other charges


4/11/12 Ohio Casino Officials Attend Human Trafficking Training

3/29/12 Ohio agencies uniting against human trafficking

3/21/12 Human trafficking “hiding in plain sight” in northern Ohio, U.S. Attorney says

State plans to crack down on human trafficking


4/2/12 Human trafficking under the lens in Portland


4/27/12 Human trafficking bill signed into law

3/31/12 Ending slavery: Session helps identify signs of human trafficking

Two new defendants named to Tulsa sex-trafficking case

South Dakota

4/11/12 Sex trafficking plea in Sioux Falls: Not guilty


4/10/12 Young witness testifies in sex trafficking case

4/11/12 Woman describes abuse in sex trafficking case

4/9/12 Memphis Man Found Guilty of Child Sex Trafficking and Firearms Offenses

4/9/12 Witness says at trial she was a prostitute at 12

3/31/12 Expert raises awareness of human sex trafficking in northeast Tenn.

3/26/12 Sex trafficking trial delayed in Nashville

Human traffickers operating out of well known Mid-South locations

Lumbering Child Sex Trafficking Trial Must Find Courtroom for 28 Defendants, Lawyers

Memphis Man Sentenced for Interstate Transportation for Purpose of Prostitution in Connection with Sex Trafficking Scheme

Memphis Woman Charged With Sex Trafficking

Stopping sex trafficking: Study estimates more than 100 cases in Madison County in two years

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation: Sex trafficking a larger problem

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation sex trafficking survey provokes questions by police


4/17/12 Teenage victims of sex traffickers will get money from sale of brothels

3/31/12 Sex trafficking treatment center place to begin again

3/29/12 Officials on human trafficking meet in Corpus Christi

3/19/12 Fort Worth, Texas, Man Sentenced for Sex Trafficking and Related Federal Charges

3/11/12 State lacking data on human trafficking, officials say

3/10/12 Man arrested on sexual assault, sex trafficking charges

A Window Into Human Trafficking in Texas

Child sex rings spike during Super Bowl week

Lubbock teen arrested for trafficking underage girl

The Lost Girls


Victims of human sex trafficking talk at symposium


4/7/12 Vermont bill would help human trafficking victims


4/9/12 Arlington Survivor of Sex Trade Anxious to Help Local Victims

4/8/12 A survivor explains the vulnerability of child sex trafficking victims

4/8/12 Crime Northern Virginia Aims To Combat Human Trafficking

4/4/12 Virginia police sergeant reportedly arrested in undercover prostitution sting

3/30/12 Several Virginia Gangs Connected to Sex Trafficking

3/29/12 5 arrested, accused of forcing high school girls to be prostitutes

Gangs Enter New Territory With Sex Trafficking

Washington D.C.

4/5/12 America’s Sex Trafficking Victims

3/15/12 Attorney General Eric Holder Speaks at the Meeting of the President’s Interagency Task Force to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons

Washington State

4/17/12 On the front lines in the battle against human trafficking

3/29/12 Age verification for ‘sex-ads’ now the law in Washington; first in nation

3/29/12 Governor Gregoire to sign anti-human trafficking bills today

3/26/12 Budget issues shouldn’t delay bills fighting human trafficking

West Virginia

State human trafficking bill advances


4/27/12 Alleged threat to victim temporarily derails human trafficking case

3/30/12  Wis. man gets 30 years for sex trafficking 3 girls

3/13/12 Human trafficking prevails in Wis.

Special Topics

Written By Survivors -> 

Barbara Amaya, author and survivor

The Super Bowl ->

Cab drivers enlisted to combat sex trafficking at the Super Bowl

Cracking Down on the Super Bowl Sex Trade

Sex Trafficking: There’s More to the Super Bowl than Sports

Super Bowl 2012: Human Trafficking Becomes Concern for Indianapolis

In The News- Television

4/14/12 Exposing sex-trafficking in America: Rachel Lloyd and Mira Sorvino

1/19/11 World Debate: Human Trafficking

A Future. Not A Past. Puts the Spotlight on Johns

Child Prostitution in America (Atlanta)

CNN- Slavery in the U.S.

Courtney’s House- A Survivors Perspective

Human Trafficking Educational Video (Indiana)

Human Trafficking Public Service Announcement (UN Office on Drugs and Crime)

Human Trafficking Public Service Announcement (Hawaii)

Thousands Demand E!’s “Fashion Police” Stop Mocking Commercial Sexual Exploitation Victims

Sex Workers WANT to Stop Trafficking

In Film and Television

Call and Response

Fatal Promises

Human Trafficking: From prostitution to slave labor (CNBC)


Sacrifice: Child Prostitutes from Burma

Sex + Money: A National Search for Human Worth (2011)

Sex Trafficked Victim (San Francisco to Hawaii)

“Uprooted Innocence” by the Farmworker Advocacy Network: Documentary about the Harvest of Dignity Campaign- regarding labor exploitation (2012)

Very Young Girls

The Whistleblower

Born Into Brothels

Dreams Die Hard

Dying to Leave

Human Trafficking

Lilya 4-Ever

Sex Slaves (PBS Frontline)

The Day My God Died

The Price of Sex: Women Speak


Trading Women

In Books

“A Crime So Monsterous” by Benjamin Skinner (2008)

“Disposable People”  by Kevin Bales

“Ending Slavery: How we Free Today’s Slaves” by Kevin Bales (2008)

“Girls Like Us” by Rachel Lloyd

“Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide” by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl Wudunn (2009)

“Nobodies”  by John Bowe (2008)

“Not for Sale: The Return of the Global Slave Trade — and How We Can Fight It” by David Batsone (2007)

Renting Lacey: A Story of America’s Prostituted Children (A Call to Action)” by Linda Smith (2009)

“Selling Olga: Stories of Human Trafficking and Resistance”  by Louisa Waugh (2006)

“Sex Trafficking: Inside the Business of Modern Slavery” by Saddharth Kara

“Somebody’s Daughter” by Julian Sher

“A Stolen Life” by Jaycee Duggard

“The Johns: Sex for Sale and Men Who Buy It” by Victor Malarek (2009)

“The Natashas” by Victor Malarek (2011)

“The Slave Across the Street” by Theresa Flores (2010)

“The Slave Next Door” by Kevin Bales and Ron Soodalter (2010)

“The Whistleblower” by Kathryn Bolkovac (2011)

“To Plead Our Own Cause: Personal Stories by Today’s Slaves” Eds. Bales and Todd (2008)



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