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Do Not Forget It’s Happening Globally

Prior to my research in the U.S. much of my work had been abroad – In Israel, Northern Ireland, Lebanon, Syria and Thailand. I was always aware of international conflict and humanitarian crises around the world and have been passionate about bringing awareness of these crimes to the forefront of discussions in hopes of promoting local action. However, over the course of our research I have become dedicated to making sure individuals are also aware of the human rights abuses occurring right here in the U.S..

It is imperative that all individuals understand that human trafficking, which is the sever exploitation of a human being through methods of force, fraud, or coercion, is a crime that occurs around the world, as well as within the U.S.. It may look different here than it does in rural India, or Northern Thailand, but we cannot ignore the prevalence of this crime in our own developed communities.

I continue to follow global humanitarian issues and realized that with all of our focus on the U.S. I had not been actively writing about what was still occurring around the world. Something that should never be overlooked. In my mind, people should be considered a part of our ‘community’ no matter where they are in this world. We are an ever globalizing world and must all understand that the human rights abuses occurring in Maldova -where a poor economic situation greatly increases vulnerability for women being trafficked into forced sex for the profit of others- is also a crime that is in ‘our’ streets.

Here is a piece published by the CNN Freedom Project that will remind us all that human trafficking is a GLOBAL human rights abuse.


Written by Ali



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