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Message From a Host on the Road

Along the road we met so many incredible and inspiring people. To all of the people who opened their homes to us – we really cannot thank you enough! If it had not been for you welcoming us into your homes we would not have been able to do this work.

Following our time on the road Mona and I decided to reach out to everyone we stayed with to hear their impressions of our work. One of our “homes away from home” in Seattle was Fred and Janet Appelbaum. Janet sent me this response and I asked her if I could share it on our blog.

“I was very impressed with Mona and Ali, two young college graduates who put their education and extensive foreign travel background to practical use by traveling throughout the US independently researching human trafficking. Taking their passion about this scourge that they saw writ large in other countries they want to understand what programs and models are in place here at home to assist individuals caught up in this crisis. By setting up a rigorous schedule of interviews, they seek to understand human trafficking here in America from the perspectives law enforcement, sociologists, university professors, teachers, state and local agencies. In addition they interact with local residents who may or may not even be aware of this issue.

Traveling on a shoestring budget utilizing funds donated largely by friends and family, Ali and Mona were resourceful and energetic and to meet their goal of making appointments with key people in each state, building a network of contacts and gathering information.

Their stay with us in Seattle for a week demonstrated their excellent organizational skills and their determination to delve into the human trafficking crisis here, which is substantial. I look forward to seeing what these two remarkable young women will do next.”

Thank you Fred and Janet for hosting us and being so supportive of our work!



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