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Do Not Forget It’s Happening Globally

Prior to my research in the U.S. much of my work had been abroad – In Israel, Northern Ireland, Lebanon, Syria and Thailand. I was always aware of international conflict and humanitarian crises around the world and have been passionate about bringing awareness of these crimes to the forefront of discussions in hopes of promoting … Continue reading

Message From a Host on the Road

Along the road we met so many incredible and inspiring people. To all of the people who opened their homes to us – we really cannot thank you enough! If it had not been for you welcoming us into your homes we would not have been able to do this work. Following our time on … Continue reading

A Field or a Social Movement?

Mona and I have officially finished our time on the road.┬áDuring our last phase we were on the road through the western states (California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Montana, Washington and Oregon). The last few weeks went by faster than we imagined they would and were even more hectic than any of the previous seven months. … Continue reading