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Congratulations to the PRIZM Project’s ‘Woman of the Week’!

As we approach September our travels near an end. The excitement of compiling our information slowly creeps up on us. I am anxious to begin what will be the hardest part of our research. The most difficult part will be reviewing previous interviews, reconnect with those who we visited months ago, as well as organize and analyze our findings. We know we have a big challenge ahead of us, but we also know that the results of our work will help those in the field of anti-human trafficking. Knowing that our efforts will contribute to what is already being done is far more satisfying than any other end to this research.

In this blog, I am happy to congratulate my friend and research partner for being recognized as ‘Woman of the Week’ by the PRIZM Project. The PRIZM Project is a global network which aims to educate young women on human rights, and encourages these young women to create a positive social change by getting involved in their communities. The PRIZM Project recognizes outstanding women from around the world who have inspired others to reach for their goals, be leaders in their field, and serve as role models to empower others to be influential activists for human rights. Alexandra Wolf was featured as ‘PRIZM Woman of the Week’ for Traffic in Our Streets on Friday August 10, 2012.

The issues of human trafficking have emerged on the radar of many organizations and institutions throughout this country. Efforts to combat trafficking have evolved throughout the years. Those who are involved not only experience the challenges, but also see the variety of concerns that have developed in this field. It is no secret that the complexity of human trafficking has caused much controversy, and has caused many concerns for those who are combating trafficking. Ali has taken the initiative to better understand these struggles and to dig deeper into what challenges these organizations face. It takes a tremendous amount of passion to dedicate the amount of time necessary to travel to better understand what these individuals are facing. I am proud to be partnered with a person who follows her heart when the road looks rough and is selfless enough to take the time and effort to help those who have been stripped of their rights.

Congrats Ali, you make me very proud to be part of this research, and I am excited to see what the future holds for you! You can read Ali’s interview here on the PRIZM Project Website.


Written by Mona Sulieman



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