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If you are interested in participating in events, and advocating against various forms of human trafficking throughout the country, take a look at our page on ‘Opportunities To Get Involved’. If you are looking for events near you, feel free to send us an email and we will find you opportunities to participate in awareness, advocacy and fundraising events in your area.

We are also constantly updating our page for ‘In The Media’, which can keep you up to date on human trafficking cases throughout the country; efforts in advocacy, awareness and victim care; as well as what laws your state has established and which bills specific states are working to pass in the fight against human trafficking.

‘The Policies’ page is available for you to read about which bills have been passed in the states we have conducted research. As we meet with various professionals in the field we are given the opportunity to better understand which legislation is relevant to combating human trafficking in that state. We are looking further into state-level policies regarding human trafficking and victim related services, and frequently adding these bills to our page.

‘Organizations and Agencies’ provides a list of organizations and agencies throughout the country working in the fight against human trafficking. These are nation-wide, as well as state initiatives, so visit the page and see what organizations and agencies are active in your area.



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