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Navigating Our Blog Site

If you are interested in participating in events, and advocating against various forms of human trafficking throughout the country, take a look at our page on ‘Opportunities To Get Involved’. If you are looking for events near you, feel free to send us an email and we will find you opportunities to participate in awareness, … Continue reading

‘Pembroke Circle’ A Feature Film on Human Trafficking

Orlando, FL- Following a hectic week in Miami, we stopped in Orlando for a few days before we would continue our research in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The quantity and quality of information we are collecting continues to grow with each day we are on the road. We will continue to work towards updating our … Continue reading

On The Move: Tennessee, Alabama and the Sunshine State

We have not had many chances to post updates about our work since we have been on the move, putting a large number of miles on our odometer. We are currently putting together information on anti-trafficking efforts we have seen in Tennessee, as well as Alabama. In Memphis we spoke with the following organizations: Operation … Continue reading