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US Research Tour on Human Trafficking in the U.S. Sex Trade

We are currently preparing to set out on an eight month research tour on sex trafficking around the U.S. We will use photography, film, blogging and freelance magazine articles to spread awareness of the problems within each state. We will be speaking to the inspiring people on the ground in community organizations, non-governmental organizations, ¬†governmental … Continue reading

Where the Project Began

The idea for our research project began when we both realized that while we had traveled so much of the world we had not actually traveled through the country both of us have spent a combined 30 plus years living in. Our thoughts were that there is so much of the United States, with its … Continue reading

Happy New Year and Welcome to ‘Traffic In Our Streets’

Mona and I are two university graduates who have dedicated the next year to researching human trafficking in the U.S. sex trade. With our prepared research, a mini-SUV and the open doors of family and friends ahead we will set off on an adventure through the United States, unlike anything we could have imagined when … Continue reading